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TOPBRIDAL PARIS | How to make appointment

We recommande you fill in this form first, after that we will contact you as soon as possible to make the final decision of your reservation for trying the wedding dress. We also kindly suggest that you could add our official contact through WeChat or WhatsApp in order to consult several details about wedding dress or make reservations for trying on the wedding dress.

For the purpose of ensuring the quality and efficiency of our services and your process of wedding dress trying-on, here are some of our advices:

Each time, the wedding dress trying-on normally lasts one hour, during this period, you could try on three to five pieces which you adore. In the meantime, before you arrive in our boutique, you could search for more wedding dress photos online which you are interested in. For the reason that this could help us learn more about your own preferences on the styles of wedding dresses, meanwhile, it improves our efficiency to give you more choices which correspond with your tastes. Moreover, we suggest you that bringing no more than 3 people to accompany with you to do the wedding dress trying-on, since the more people around you the more difficult for you to do the final decision.

If you would like to purchase the wedding dress after you try on, you have to pay for 50% of your total order as the deposit. In addition, the process of produce a wedding dress usually lasts between three to six months. Once we receive your order, we will contact you to make another appointment to do the final modification on your wedding dress. After all this, you could pay for the rest 50% of the total order when you pick up your wedding dress.

For our clients who come from countries out of the EU, you could profit from our duty-free service which is up to 14% and ship worldwide.

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